About Us

I’ve spent the last 22 years learning the printing and promotional industries so that you don’t have to. During those 22 years I noticed that many of my clients had a different vendor for every project type, which usually meant they managed lots of vendors, and were required to have deep knowledge of the printing business to know which vendor is best suited to meet each need. This usually caused at least 1 person in the company a lot of stress. I was equally frustrated while working for my former employers, as we did not have the resources to effectively meet many of my client’s needs. This frustration (and the Lord’s guidance) was the catalyst to start Strategic Print Solutions. I knew I was able to hand-select the most appropriate vendors to match each client’s need and each project’s specific requirements….minus the stress.

We have seen great success in the printing arena and had many requests from our clients to help them with their promotional items. Because of these requests the promotional arm of SPS was born. The philosophy that started the printing arm of our company is the same philosophy that has spurred our promotional side to excellence, and that is, we match the best vendors and resources in the industry to specifically meet your print and promotional needs.

We take care of your needs, and you receive the credit for a job well done. Seeing is believing. Why not contact me now to discuss your next project.

On a personal note, we know there are more important things in life than success in business. Please read this to find out what we believe.